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WhatsApp Gold APK
App Name WhatsApp Gold APK
App Version V29
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category WhatsApp Abu Arab
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

Gold WhatsApp. The new version of WhatsApp Gold is one of the most important chat applications that currently exist, and it competes strongly with most other similar applications. It's like Messenger, Telegram, and other popular social networking apps.

It contains many features that are not found in any other Gold WhatsApp application, not even in the original green WhatsApp application, and among these features is that you can hide the appearance even if you are online now, also hide writing, hide the recording of an audio clip, and that's not all We will write all these features in some detail in the rest of this Gold WhatsApp article.

In addition, many users of Gold WhatsApp because of the advantages it contains make it one of their first choices.

In addition, the version of this application has the most important function, that is, it is anti-ban.
Recently, many developed versions of WhatsApp have been banned.

What is Gold WhatsApp?

Gold WhatsApp against ban. The developer, the programmer, worked on issuing this version of the (whatsapp) application to meet all the needs of citizens.

Therefore, this version was considered one of the most important and best versions that a large number of citizens convert and download, so the Gold WhatsApp apk is similar to the official WhatsApp application, but with the addition of some modifications and features that are not present in the original application, and this application is characterized by a high degree of security, so No worries about apps (Gold WhatsApp).

A brief overview of the Gold WhatsApp application Against ban and hacker download Gold WhatsApp

Developed one of the famous communication applications. It is also ranked among the best developed versions of WhatsApp from the original version of the original WhatsApp apk. This is because this version differs from the others in many differences, including the fact that it has features and characteristics that are not included in other developed versions.

Gold WhatsApp has gained popularity and preference among its users.
It is undeniable that this version of WhatsApp has achieved more fame than the original application that was released in 2009 within the classification of social networking applications and belongs to the famous Facebook company.

Download Gold WhatsApp apk. This does not reduce the features of the original WhatsApp, but this version has been developed by a professional developer. And more amazing touches.

He also developed many other versions of WhatsApp and modified them to meet the needs of WhatsApp users.

What's new in the WhatsApp Gold update? latest version

Download Gold WhatsApp, the latest version, as we mentioned before, the developer versions have been popular and liked by Gold WhatsApp users. for its content.

What the original WhatsApp does not contain, for example, the video status is short, even only half a minute. Unlike the Gold WhatsApp version, it has made the duration of the video in some cases larger in size, which further achieves what the application users desire.

Also, in the old green WhatsApp, you cannot download or change the themes of the program, unlike the updated versions of Gold WhatsApp. As for the others and other great benefits, we will know them in the following explanation.

Explanation of some of the additions in Gold WhatsApp APK

Download the latest version of Gold WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp update, and now we will review together the most important and best features and characteristics of Gold WhatsApp apk Download Gold WhatsApp. These features will be compatible with whatever you want in your WhatsApp. Among the most important of these advantages:

Hide the appearance of your status whether it is active or inactive.
Hide tags to receive and read messages.
Anti-ban version.
Your name does not appear in the status viewer list.
Download the Asturi video up to 30 minutes long.
Conversation backup function.
Holy Quran application.
There is a function to convert the application interface to the old interface.
The advantage of running more than one number on the application.

Is Gold WhatsApp hacked?

When answering this question, it is not safe, as Gold WhatsApp is against bans and hackers, a completely safe application on all Android phones and iPhones, and the new update # Gold WhatsApp contains many features that make millions of users accept it, I must download it, WhatsApp It is completely safe and you do not have to worry when using it, as it is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application and there is no reason. No problem for users, and there are many copies of WhatsApp.

Gold WhatsApp update

Download Gold WhatsApp. Also among the versions of WhatsApp is the version that we discuss in this article.
In addition, each of them has better features and characteristics than some of them, as we will discuss in this article an explanation of the features of the Gold WhatsApp version against the ban, the latest version, with all its different details and characteristics.

Download Gold WhatsApp Download and update Gold WhatsApp. Take the initiative now to download the latest version of the WhatsApp application through our website. And through the direct and exclusive link below. You can always follow our website to stay up to date with the latest application updates through direct links.

How to download WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp latest version apk

Many users of WhatsApp copies prefer to download the Gold WhatsApp apk application, because of the advantages it contains that make it one of their first choices. In addition, the version of this application has the most important function, that is, it is anti-ban. Recently, many newly developed versions of WhatsApp have been banned by the old WhatsApp company.

You can also always follow our website to stay informed of the latest updates of the application through direct links.

The Gold WhatsApp application is also available for free, and it does not require any expenses to use it, and there is a direct link in the article to download the Gold WhatsApp application. It is a lightweight application on your phone, as it does not take up much space on your phone, and downloading this application on your phone is simple and easy, just click on the download link in the article, then install the application on your phone. your device, launch the application with the phone number of your account, and enjoy the many features that the Gold WhatsApp application offers you.

Features of the Gold WhatsApp update Latest version

Download Gold WhatsApp. The latest updates of the WhatsApp version will impress you greatly because of the more than wonderful capabilities it contains.

The most important thing that distinguishes this version is that it is against the ban.

All themes have also been updated.

The feature includes replacing the word WhatsApp in the interface with the user's own name, as well as the number and cases.

Update new additions to the background of the application interface.

facebook update.

The feature of opening more than one chat at the same time.

The advantage of using emoji and stickers from the Google Play Store.

An increase in the speed of receiving chat messages. And also the speed of transmission.

New languages have also been added to quickly download themes for the application.

The ability to show the message icon that has been sent in the group chat information.

Animated effects have also been added, including a variety of features and shapes that are more than wonderful.

Likewise, the possibility of responding to a person's messages in group conversations through a private conversation between you and him only.

Automatic text writing feature.

Download WhatsApp Gold

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